30.05.2024 14:35:48

Neonyx Cruises' New Ship Goddess of the Night is Ready for Its First Tour

Neonyx Cruises is preparing to return its long-awaited renovated ship to the seas. The cruise ship, formerly known as "Mykonos Magic", went through a comprehensive renovation process in Turkey and became ready to go on its first tour under the name "Goddess of the Night".

24.04.2023 10:13:31

What is the Hunting Ban in the Seas? When is it starting?

Hunting bans are a measure taken to protect our seas and fish. Sea hunting ban is a practice in which the hunting of certain types of fish is prohibited between certain dates.

31.03.2023 10:49:47

Products Found on the Cruise Ship in the Famous Yucatan Movie at Maritime Goods

Yucatan, which tells the story of an exciting heist, is a Netflix movie. You can find many valuable items and furniture from the cruise ship Sovereign, where most of the Yucatan movie was shot, on the Maritime Goods website.

28.03.2023 15:43:07

What are the Points to Consider When Naming Marine Vehicles?

As the Maritime Goods Blog team, we have compiled the items that need to be considered when naming our most dreamed of, the name that comes to mind for years, maybe the name that comes to mind, by designing and thinking or by itself.

17.03.2023 12:45:20

Decorative Products Decorating Your Living Spaces From Ships

Many valuable and decorative items are lost in shipbreaking. However, some valuables are saved by the Maritime Goods team, renewed to add a different atmosphere to the living spaces and turned into a valuable decor item.

7.03.2023 15:36:40

i-Boating: One of the Best Navigation Route Apps

As the Maritime Goods blog team, we have examined one of the best navigation applications by researching among the applications that offer the most efficient navigation, direction finding and route options for individual use.

28.02.2023 13:41:05

How to Connect to the Internet on Boats and Ships?

Internet use on boats and ships has become very common nowadays. On the open seas, boats and ships offer many different options for travelers to access the internet, such as satellite internet, Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connections.

19.02.2023 09:12:00

What to Do When An Earthquake Happens While At Sea

Earthquakes can occur in the seas as well as on the earth. Earthquakes, which are formed by the breaking of the land pieces under pressure by the compression of the earth's rock pieces, occur in the seas as well as on the land. So what should we do if an earthquake occurs while we are at sea?

30.01.2023 12:11:31

7 Sailing Book Suggestions Every Sailor Should Read

Let the Maritime Goods team list the best books on sailing and sea adventures came together for you.

10.01.2023 09:26:35

What is an Unmanned Surface Sea Cleaning Robot? What are the Developments in Turkey?

Unmanned surface robots are specially designed robots used to clean the seas and oceans. These robots are known for their design to collect garbage, waste and crap from the seas.

19.12.2022 10:37:51

Maritime Goods Team at CNR Eurasia Boat Show 2022

The second largest exhibition of the world maritime industry, CNR Eurasia Boat Show, Maritime Goods team attended the fair, which is one of the most important maritime meetings of Turkey, where yachts, superyachts, mega yachts as well as motor yachts and cruise boats were exhibited.

4.02.2022 14:58:04

Gift Suggestions for Valentine's Day

The biggest detail that will help you in choosing a gift is to determine the needs and tastes of the person you will receive the gift.

5.12.2021 14:11:01

Libyan Cruise Ships Restarted to Izmir After 25 Years

Libyan Cruise Ships Restarted to Izmir with Kevalay Queen after 25 Years.

12.11.2021 21:50:15

Vikings Arrived in Kusadasi with Two Ships

Ships Viking Sea and Viking Venus, which belong to Viking Cruise company, anchored in Kusadasi port. Two ships of the 6-ship fleet, which are similar to each other, arrived in Kusadasi from Greece.

9.11.2021 21:45:01

Spirit of Discovery Arrived in Turkey for the First Time

Spirit of Discovery visited Turkey for the first time on November 9, 2021. It was learned that the next stop of the cruise ship, which chose Istanbul, Galataport for its visit, is Mykonos Island.