Piracy Concerns in Maritime Transport

Piracy Concerns in Maritime Transport

Maritime transportation is considered to be the backbone of world trade, with approximately 90% of world trade taking place by sea. Therefore, maritime transportation is of critical importance for the global economy. Recently, another problem has emerged that threatens this sector: piracy. The recent increase in pirate attacks jeopardizes the security of maritime trade and has drawn the attention of the international community.

The Problem of Piracy:

Piracy is defined as attacks against ships or crews belonging to another state, using weapons or not hesitating to use weapons, at sea or in territorial waters without the permission of a state. Piracy at sea is characterized by attacks on ships, theft of cargo, and taking crew members hostage. Especially in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia, piracy has become a serious concern. Pirates, often armed and acting in organized groups, attack ships and pose a risk to vessels moving in international waters.


These acts of piracy increase the costs of maritime trade and put pressure on ship owners and insurers. In addition, the safety of crew on board attacked ships is a concern, affecting the working conditions of the maritime industry.

Response Efforts:

The international community has taken various measures to enhance maritime security and combat piracy. These include steps such as increasing maritime patrol activities, strengthening security measures in critical areas, and training ship personnel. In addition, various efforts are being undertaken at the international level to combat piracy. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued various rules and recommendations to prevent and combat piracy. In addition, international organizations such as NATO, the United States, and the European conduct joint operations to combat piracy.

Turkey makes significant contributions to the fight against piracy. The Turkish Navy is participating in NATO's "Operation Ocean Shield" off the coast of Somalia. In addition, Turkey is conducting a training and advisory mission in Somalia.

Ways to Combat Piracy:

Various methods are used to combat piracy. Some of these methods are as follows:

Military measures: One of the most effective methods in combating piracy is military measures. International organizations and states conduct joint operations to combat piracy.

Security measures: Taking security measures on board makes it more difficult for pirates to seize ships. These measures include the presence of armed security guards, the installation of alarm systems, and the use of ship tracking systems.

Education and awareness raising: Education and awareness raising also play an important role in combating piracy. These efforts aim to inform people about the dangers of piracy and to avoid piracy.

While maritime transportation is the foundation of global trade, threats such as piracy can weaken this sector and affect international trade. Therefore, it is important to increase international cooperation and coordination to effectively combat piracy. Otherwise, the security and sustainability of maritime trade could be seriously jeopardized.