What is an Unmanned Surface Sea Cleaning Robot? What are the Developments in Turkey?

What is an Unmanned Surface Sea Cleaning Robot? What are the Developments in Turkey?

With the advancement of technology, the vehicles developed day by day continue to surprise us. Innovations made in unmanned vehicles and new vehicles developed cause us to look to the future more safely and more liveable. A branch that is as popular as unmanned aerial and land vehicles and in which the progress in this category is closely followed is unmanned sea vehicles.

We would like to share with you, our esteemed followers, that there are good developments in unmanned surface robots in Turkey. Aiming to prevent the pollution of the sea and lakes and to clean the wastes easily, Koç Defense developed a surface cleaning robot at the end of the work started in 2021.

The device called Smartium Clean, 10 of which have been produced so far, has started to be used in marinas and sea cleaning by a municipality as of April 2022. The vehicle, which looks like a small catamaran with a length and width of about one meter, can both move with the remote control and clean the areas defined autonomously using the camera on it.

Unmanned surface robots are specially designed robots used to clean the seas and oceans. These robots are known for their design to collect garbage, waste, and crap from the seas.

Unmanned surface robots can move on water and thus detect garbage and waste in the seas. These robots detect garbage and waste using a camera system and sensors and collect them with an arm with a hook for collection. Many of these robots can be used to collect the waste they collect in their chamber and then empty this chamber.

Unmanned surface robots collect garbage and waste in the seas while helping to clean the seas, while also helping to protect the creatures in the seas. In particular, they help prevent damage that may occur as a result of sea creatures eating garbage and waste.

In addition to helping unmanned surface robots collect garbage and waste from the sea, these robots also can measure the pH level of water, temperature, and other important information. In this way, it becomes possible to monitor the environmental conditions in the seas and take the necessary precautions.

In conclusion, unmanned surface robots are robots that play an important role in cleaning the seas. The use of these robots helps to clean the seas while also helping to protect sea creatures.