23.11.2022 15:07:10

Christmas Gift Suggestions for Sea Enthusiasts

With the arrival of December, many people were excited for the New Year. Especially considering the upcoming New Year's celebration, you can find our suggestions for interesting Christmas gifts that will attract the attention of most people in Maritime Goods.

18.11.2022 10:32:53

7 Most Unusual Unique Ships Ever Built

We searched for the most unusual boats and ships from all over the world and found the 7 most surprising different ships for you. How would you like to go on a fantastic journey around the world through the eyes of the Maritime Goods team?

10.11.2022 16:24:07

Top 10 Sailing Movie Recommendations Don't to Miss

After watching and researching for a long time, we have prepared a list of the most popular sailing movies of all time. As the Maritime Goods crew, here are our ten best sailing movies. We hope you enjoy these epic adventures at sea. Enjoy watching.

22.9.2022 11:04:54

War of Independence Hero Ship Rusumat

Rusumat 4, which made a great contribution to our national struggle despite the deadly threat of the task of transporting weapons and ammunition from Russian ports in the Black Sea to Anatolia during our War of Independence, became a museum in Ordu.

19.8.2022 10:57:00

Models of ships, each more beautiful than the other, are spreading from Kuşadası to Turkey.

The Maritime Goods brand, based in Aydın's Kuşadası district, is spreading all over Turkey with the production and sale of ship models combining patience and craftsmanship.

19.8.2022 10:54:00

Boat Travel with Your Pet

Boating with a pet can be very enjoyable and fun. Of course, this is only possible if you ensure their life safety sufficiently.

8.8.2022 10:49:00

Fire-O: Fire Safety Technology on Ships

Fire-O is a new and effective technology used to provide fire safety on board. Fire on boats is a negative situation that can result in a major disaster.

25.7.2022 23:46:38

What is a Ship Model? What are its features?

What is a ship model and how these ship models are created has become more and more curious in recent years. Ship models are a suitable hobby for both sea lovers and people who like to make models in general.

18.7.2022 14:57:00

How are ship models made? What can you do to have handmade and wooden ship models?

Those who are interested in maritime, those who make models as a hobby and those who are curious about handmade products should first search "how to make?" It starts with questions.

11.7.2022 17:28:00

Top 5 activities we can maintain Social Distancing

In this period when trying to cope with the pandemic and many other epidemics, you should not close yourself at home and find good activities.

4.7.2022 11:07:18

Seafood Photographer Ray Collins

Sea-lover photographer Ray Collins has combined his passion for the sea with his passion for photography, and has produced magnificent photographs in this direction.

27.6.2022 12:01:00

5 European Cities You Can Visit By Renting a Boat Daily

Daily boat rental is an activity that facilitates people's travel plans and makes them much more enjoyable.

20.6.2022 11:23:00

The Most Important Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

The most important luxury yacht manufacturers in the world have always attracted the attention of yacht and boat enthusiasts.

13.6.2022 12:32:00

Gift suggestions for father's day

Giving gifts to our loved ones and making them happy with surprises is one of the best feelings we can have. Throughout human history, one of the simplest forms of showing love has been known as gestures and gifts

6.6.2022 15:28:16

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography generally means that people take pictures underwater and these ways make money. Of course, we can say that it is a profession that can be done as a hobby. Seas and oceans are full of still unexplored creatures and territories