20.09.2023 11:52:27

Panama Canal: One of the World's Most Important Waterways

The Panama Canal is a waterway in the territory of Panama, in the southernmost part of Central America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The canal was opened in 1914 and has since become one of the most important waterways in the world.

6.09.2023 12:31:24

Celestyal Fleet's New Ship Journey in Kusadasi

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the maritime sector in the Aegean Sea, the new ship of the Celestyal fleet, Journey, left the port for its maiden voyage. Journey's second stop on her maiden voyage was Kuşadası Port.

4.09.2023 10:56:06

Superstitions Of Ancient Marines And Maritime Myths

Throughout history, sailors have sailed the seas to explore the world's different seas, to trade and to have adventures. The lives of sailors were challenging and dangerous, and for this reason there are many superstitions and maritime myths ,

21.08.2023 11:13:51

Maritime Inspiring Leaders and Captains

Throughout maritime history, great sailors and captains have not only crossed oceans but also inspired people with their leadership and courage. Important figures of the maritime world such as Christopher Columbus, Grace Hopper and Ellen MacArthur

9.08.2023 16:03:58

Gulf Suggestions for Boat Holidays in Turkey

As the Maritime Goods blog team, we have compiled the gulfs on the Turkish Riviera where you can have an unforgettable holiday with a remarkable boat. You are among the most beautiful places in the world for a boat holiday, these magnificent bays are the place where domestic and foreign boats do not wa

31.07.2023 10:51:11

Halikarnas 100th Anniversary Cup Winners Found

The Exciting First Stage of the Presidential International Yacht Race Halikarnas 100th Anniversary Cup Brings Sea Enthusiasts Together

24.07.2023 13:20:12

Romanian Naval Ship Nava Scoala Mircea Arrived in Izmir

İzmir, July 24, 2023 - Romania's proud military ship "Nava Scoala Mircea" has arrived in İzmir, one of the favorite port cities of the Aegean Sea. An enthusiastic ceremony was held in Izmir Port to welcome the ship.

21.07.2023 09:48:24

Unforgettable World Tour Journeys in Maritime

I invite you to an unforgettable adventure that opens to the vast blue of the seas. How would you like to go on a world tour by following the footsteps of sailors who have written their names in history with golden letters? I will share with you some of the most epic sea voyages of all time.

12.07.2023 10:33:29

Unique Architecture in Maritime; Lighthouse

A special guidance system is needed for ships to navigate at night and avoid rocks and shallow waters. The most important structures that fulfill this task are lighthouses and lighthouses.

6.07.2023 10:43:00

World's Largest Cruise Ship Icon Of The Seas Launches

If we are looking for luxury, comfort and unique experiences on our cruises, large cruise ships open up a world of possibilities for us. Among the ships that adorn people's dreams, the passenger ship Icon of the Seas.

4.07.2023 17:29:17

Maritime Goods Enthusiasm at Maritime and Cabotage Festival Celebrations in Kuşadası

The Maritime Goods stand, which took place in the Maritime and Cabotage Festival events held in Kuşadası district, presented the appreciation of those who attended the holiday celebrations. Kusadasi District Governor Sadettin Yücel to the Maritime Goods exhibition stand for the celebrations

23.06.2023 14:37:50

Maritime Inventions: Innovations In Maritime Navigation

Maritime has been an important route used by human beings for exploration and trade throughout history. Sailors have used navigational instruments to safely steer their ships for centuries.

16.06.2023 09:23:00

New Technologies in Maritime Autonomous Ships and Drone

The rapid progress of technology creates a great transformation in the maritime industry. In addition to traditional maritime applications, innovations such as autonomous ships and drone technologies offer more effective, efficient and safe solutions in maritime activities.

9.06.2023 15:18:00

Women Recognizing Their Power in the Seas

As the Maritime Goods team, we have researched and compiled for you the women who have been influential throughout the maritime history. Maritime has historically been known as a male-dominated industry. However, in recent years, the presence and influence of women in maritime has been increasi

22.05.2023 13:44:39

Mystery of the Seas: The Secret of Undiscovered Worlds

Beyond the deep blues lies one of the world's greatest secrets: the mystery of the seas. Covering most of the Earth's surface, these enormous bodies of water contain unexplored worlds and keep the lives within them a mystery.