25.7.2022 23:46:38

What is a Ship Model? What are its features?

What is a ship model and how these ship models are created has become more and more curious in recent years. Ship models are a suitable hobby for both sea lovers and people who like to make models in general.

18.7.2022 14:57:00

How are ship models made? What can you do to have handmade and wooden ship models?

Those who are interested in maritime, those who make models as a hobby and those who are curious about handmade products should first search "how to make?" It starts with questions.

11.7.2022 17:28:00

Top 5 activities we can maintain Social Distancing

In this period when trying to cope with the pandemic and many other epidemics, you should not close yourself at home and find good activities.

4.7.2022 11:07:18

Seafood Photographer Ray Collins

Sea-lover photographer Ray Collins has combined his passion for the sea with his passion for photography, and has produced magnificent photographs in this direction.

27.6.2022 12:01:00

5 European Cities You Can Visit By Renting a Boat Daily

Daily boat rental is an activity that facilitates people's travel plans and makes them much more enjoyable.

20.6.2022 11:23:00

The Most Important Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

The most important luxury yacht manufacturers in the world have always attracted the attention of yacht and boat enthusiasts.

13.6.2022 12:32:00

Gift suggestions for father's day

Giving gifts to our loved ones and making them happy with surprises is one of the best feelings we can have. Throughout human history, one of the simplest forms of showing love has been known as gestures and gifts

6.6.2022 15:28:16

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography generally means that people take pictures underwater and these ways make money. Of course, we can say that it is a profession that can be done as a hobby. Seas and oceans are full of still unexplored creatures and territories

30.5.2022 09:54:26

Indispensable Accessory of Divers Diving Watches

Diving watch is one of the indispensable accessories for divers. We can state that these watches are preferred because they have many important features and are especially beneficial for divers during their dives.

23.5.2022 14:52:44

Tips to Help You Save Water on Your Boat

Since the use of water making products on boats is not common, fresh water on boats should be used sparingly for a long time. At this point, we can offer some advice for seafarers.

16.5.2022 14:50:00

Maritime season shopping list and Boat Kitchen

Onboard shopping and stocking have always been very important to sailors. While traveling in the open seas, not only cooking food but also long-term storage is a problem.

9.5.2022 17:49:21

How Do Sperm Whales Sleep?

How sperm whales sleep is one of the most curious subjects of people who are curious about the life and characteristics of whales. The sleep issue of sperm whales is particularly interesting because the most important feature of these whales is that they stand in an upright position while lying down

5.5.2022 14:57:08

Holiday enthusiasm in Kuşadası Port, which is experiencing an influx of cruise ships

As of the first week of May, there has been an influx of visitors to Ege Port Kuşadası Port, one of the favorite ports of cruise tourism in our country.

5.5.2022 08:52:27

Gift Suggestions for Sea Enthusiast Mothers

We would like to offer you different ideas about what gifts to get for our mothers, our most valuable asset, which is Mother's Day every day, not just one day.

2.5.2022 08:34:00

Create Nautical Themed Decorations with Ship Wheel Clock Models!

If you are looking for different watch models to use in your decoration, ship helm watch models will be for you. We can often see the rudder figure among nautical-themed products. The rudder figure is both different in decoration and effective in terms of reflecting the sea.