9.5.2022 17:49:21

How Do Sperm Whales Sleep?

How sperm whales sleep is one of the most curious subjects of people who are curious about the life and characteristics of whales. The sleep issue of sperm whales is particularly interesting because the most important feature of these whales is that they stand in an upright position while lying down

5.5.2022 14:57:08

Holiday enthusiasm in Kuşadası Port, which is experiencing an influx of cruise ships

As of the first week of May, there has been an influx of visitors to Ege Port Kuşadası Port, one of the favorite ports of cruise tourism in our country.

5.5.2022 08:52:27

Gift Suggestions for Sea Enthusiast Mothers

We would like to offer you different ideas about what gifts to get for our mothers, our most valuable asset, which is Mother's Day every day, not just one day.

2.5.2022 08:34:00

Create Nautical Themed Decorations with Ship Wheel Clock Models!

If you are looking for different watch models to use in your decoration, ship helm watch models will be for you. We can often see the rudder figure among nautical-themed products. The rudder figure is both different in decoration and effective in terms of reflecting the sea.

25.4.2022 14:36:49

How to Use Decorative Vase Models? Things You Should Know When Choosing Decorative Vase Models

Decorative vase products are one of the most used parts in decoration. The most important feature of these products is to take the decoration one step further. Sometimes small and sometimes very large, these vases create an incredible decorative effect.

20.4.2022 09:47:37

The mobile application from dusty shelves to deep waters has been released!

The Su Üstünde brand continues to serve sea lovers with innovations. Our application, which brings together sea lovers and your private collections, will enable your valuable products to come to life in our brand adventure.

18.4.2022 09:57:23

6 Tips to Show You're Ready to Go Sea

When the sea opens without adequate preparation, it can host great dangers. Boats are also one of the most enjoyable sea vehicles you can choose to sail when you take the necessary precautions.

11.4.2022 14:02:49

What Are Clocks and Their Meanings?

Have you ever noticed clocks and their meanings? Or have you noticed that the hours you constantly look at during the day actually have a meaning and that these meanings mean a lot when read?

4.4.2022 14:33:56

What is the Blue Flag? What Does the Blue Flag at Sea Represent and How Is It Determined?

If you are wondering what the blue flag is and why the blue flag is so important in seas and beaches, we would like to inform you. The blue flag, or flags of different colors, is actually an expression associated with beaches rather than seas.

28.3.2022 15:24:33

Plastic Ocean Documentary

The plastic ocean documentary has been prepared to draw attention to the increasing plastic waste in the oceans in recent years, causing both the climate crisis and endangering life in the oceans.

21.3.2022 12:20:00

Vikings in Shipbuilding History

Naturally, their ships were very important to the Vikings, who considered the seas as their homeland. These ships, designed as Viking sailboats, changed the fate of the seas.

14.3.2022 14:03:00

The World's First Underwater Photograph

The world's first underwater photograph is very important in terms of maritime history. While we have dominated the seas for centuries, unfortunately we are not that strong underwater.

7.3.2022 14:47:34

Redesign Your Walls with Wooden Wall Decor! How to Use Wooden Wall Decor?

28.2.2022 09:07:36

What are the most popular Turkish Warship Models?

It is very important to have a story of ship models bought as decorative or as a collector's item. Warships have always left their mark on history, and they have always been considered very special and much more beautiful.

22.2.2022 09:26:33

The Most Known Address of Ship Recycling, Aliağa Ship Breaking Facilities

Aliağa shipbreaking facilities are one of the most important and comprehensive enterprises in our country. Since the day it was founded, the dismantling of extremely important and large ships has been carried out in this facility. The facility also has the distinction of being the most important