Why Sunken Ships Are Not Removed

Why Sunken Ships Are Not Removed

Sunken ships are frequently encountered in situations in the seas all over the world from past to present. Ships can sink for many reasons and become unusable. Of course, the wrecks of these ships cannot be removed from the sea immediately. Many ships can stay there for many years after sinking and then be removed. We can even say that some ships were never removed. There are reasons why sunken ships cannot be removed. We would like to inform you about why the sunken ships could not be removed.

Reasons for Unremoval of Sunken Ships

The question of why the shipwreck cannot be removed is a subject that is often wondered by sea enthusiasts. First of all, technically speaking, there is no reason why sinking ships should not be removed. In other words, with a correct operation, sinking ships can be easily removed. However, there is an important rule for warships, which is that a sinking ship stays where it sinks.

According to military philosophies in wars, those who perish in wars are buried where they are destroyed. This applies to ships as well as soldiers. For this reason, especially the ships sunk in wars should be left where they are. The sunken ship is also left underwater as a shelter for fish. In other words, the ship is left under the sea unless it is very important and does not need to be removed. Historical and important ships are removed from the seabed thanks to a correct operation.

Sunken Amazing Ships

We can easily say that many ships impress with their appearance among the sunken ships. Especially the ships that sank during the First World War and the Dardanelles War are still under the water. One of the most famous sunken ships is undoubtedly the Bismarck warship that steered World War I. The ship that sank during the war is still at the bottom of the sea. Also, famous British ships await in the same area. During the Dardanelles War, many warships belonging to both us and enemy states were sunk in the region.

Many important ships come to mind when shipwreck is mentioned. Many of them are open to visitors by divers. Those who want to see these shipwrecks can easily see and enter the ship by diving in the region. These shipwrecks are also used in some movie scenes.