What is the Amateur Seaman's Certificate?

What is the Amateur Seaman's Certificate?

We will provide information for those who are wondering what the amateur sailor certificate is for and why exactly it is taken. Those who are expressed as amateur seafarers are those who respect the marine ecosystem and devote their hearts to the sea, without any expectation of commercial gain. These people can be the owner of the boat or the person who drives the boat. The boats used by these people are classified as private boats. Commercial use of these boats for any reason is prohibited. These sailors do not necessarily need to use boats. Because this document is suitable for everyone who protects the sea and raises people's awareness about it.

Requirements to Become an Amateur Sailor

Those who want to get an amateur seaman certificate must meet some conditions. Only in this way can they become amateur sailors as they wish. More precisely, in this way, they can have an amateur seaman certificate. Conditions to be fulfilled by those who wish to apply for this purpose:

• Must be 14 years old (under 18 must apply with a parent).

• Persons to be at least primary school graduates.

• It should not have been convicted of smuggling and kidnapping in the criminal record.

• To be successful in the exam to become an amateur sailor.

• The health conditions specified in Article 24 of the Regulation are met.

If you want to be an amateur sailor and meet the above-mentioned requirements, all you have to do is apply and be successful in the exam. You can reward your loved ones and yourself with gifts for amateur sailors.

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