What is Hourglass? What is the Meaning of Hourglass?

What is Hourglass? What is the Meaning of Hourglass?

The hourglass is a fairly old timeline. The hourglass was used a lot, especially in the periods when the clocks were not available or could not be reached. We would like to inform you about what hourglasses are used to understand the time and for what purposes exactly they are used. In addition, we will give you the answer to this question in detail, what is the meaning of the hourglass.

What is Hourglass?

We would like to inform you what the hourglass is and when exactly it appeared. Hourglasses are instruments that consist of two containers and are connected by a narrow strait. As it is known in these vehicles, sand flows down from the upper container and this is a time indicator. The time shown is different depending on the size of the containers and the amount of sand in them. The hourglass was first invented by a priest in Europe in the 8th century. It was developed over time and made into what it is today. In the 16th century, it was used to measure the beginning and end of something rather than measuring the time.

Glass-framed hourglass has started to be used more decoratively over time. Many people like and like these watches very much. In general, although the hourglass was used for its functionality at first, it is mostly used in decorative areas today. Hourglass Gift Idea

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