What is a Marine Compass? How to use it?

What is a Marine Compass? How to use it?

What is referred to as a sailor's compass is the compass that everyone uses. There are no different versions of compasses. In general terms, the working logic and working order of all of them are the same. In this respect, compasses are not divided into different categories. However, the people who use the compass the most and benefit most from it are sailors. From past to present, sailors have been able to find their way and complete long voyages thanks to the compass. In addition, most of the maps that are still used today have emerged thanks to these compasses.

How to Use Compass

The work of the ambush happens when the magnetic needle of the compass moves, thanks to the magnetic field of the earth. One side of this magnetic needle points north and the other side points south. Thanks to its magnet feature, opposite poles attract each other and the compass shows direction. Due to the natural balance of the earth, the compass needle always points north. The compass continues to work in the same way, regardless of whether it is in the sea, on land, or in the air. In rare cases, faults can occur in some areas if the earth's magnetic influence is small.

For many years, sailors were able to find their way thanks to this compass. Today, thanks to products such as a brass lifeboat compass, the compass is sold as a gift or decorative product. Compass is still used in the seas, but today there are much more advanced options. If you are looking for a sailor's compass and want to gift these to your loved ones, or if you are looking for a stylish decorative option for your living spaces, the Russian ship's compass will be for you.

Where to Buy Sailor Compass?

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