Turkey's Largest Shipyards

Turkey's Largest Shipyards

Many famous shipyards can be counted among the largest shipyards in Turkey. It can be mentioned that numerous shipyards in our country are very efficient in terms of volume and operation. We would like to give information about these shipyards, where many famous ships are both built and repaired when necessary, and how they work. If you want to get information about shipyards in Turkey, you can follow us.

What is a Shipyard?

Shipyards used for shipbuilding have an extremely important place in our country. These centers are generally located on the shores of the sea or river. We can even say that it takes place directly in the sea or river. Famous ships are built in these shipyards and if there is a situation that requires repair, repairs are made in these areas. In the interior of these shipyards, there are warehouses, skids, cranes, cutting / CNC workshops, pool, prefabrication, paint, and pipe workshops for stacking the materials necessary for the construction and repair of ships.

In these centers, ships can be built, and from time to time, leftover products from ships can be extracted. Famous ship products can be mined in these shipyards. These products, which have recently been used especially in decoration, are very stylish and different at the same time. Thanks to these aspects of the ship's products, they are preferred as very decorative. Shipyards in Turkey have the appropriate equipment for the construction of all kinds of ships.

Which Are Turkey's Largest Shipyards?

Shipyards used for shipbuilding are becoming more and more important in our country day by day. Sedef Shipyard is one of the largest and most important shipyards in Turkey. It provides service in a total area of 270.000 m². It is also the largest dry dock shipyard. In addition to the Sedef shipyard, the prominent shipyards in our country are as follows;

• Ada Shipyard

• Alaybey Shipyard

• Alanya Shipyard and Tophane

• Art Shipyard

• Argem Shipyard

• Astaş Shipyard

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