Top 5 activities we can maintain Social Distancing

Top 5 activities we can maintain Social Distancing

With the top 5 activities that we can maintain social distance, you can have a very pleasant and good time in this difficult period. In this period when trying to cope with the pandemic and many other epidemics, you should not close yourself at home and find good activities. There are many very enjoyable and beautiful activities you can do during this process. We would like to give information about these activities, most of which are at sea.

Water Sports To Be Done By Maintaining Social Distance

When water sports are preferred, it will naturally be possible to maintain social distance. Because sports are done in a very wide area where you are looked at and the activities done in general are also suitable for social distance. The activities that you can both love and have a pleasant time while maintaining social distance are as follows:


Sailing is one of the activities that everyone should do in their lifetime. You can have the opportunity to both have a perfect holiday and have a pleasant activity. For sailing enthusiasts, everything about sailing has already been remarkable. The sailing ship model stands out among them.

2. Kayak Rental

Another important activity to be done on the water and to maintain social distance is boat rental. It is very enjoyable to use these sea vehicles, which are known as boats or canoes. You can rent a kayak alone or with your loved ones. Boats are among the easy and enjoyable sea vehicles to use.

3. Go Canoeing

It is very enjoyable not only for sea activities, but also for activities in lakes and rivers. Going kayaking is one of the best social activities.

4. Going Snorkeling

Diving using a snorkel will give you great pleasure and will also allow you to maintain social distance. You can also snorkel by chartering a yacht.

5. You can rent a paddleboard

Paddleboarding is one of the most popular activities around the world. It is one of the activities that can be done not only to enjoy but also to stay fit. You can also keep your social distance.

If you are looking for social distance activities, you can choose the above activities that you can do in the sea and similar areas. For this type of information and ship models, you can visit suüstü