The Most Important Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

The Most Important Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

The Most Important Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

The most important luxury yacht manufacturers in the world have always attracted the attention of yacht and boat enthusiasts. Personal experience comes into play when it comes to building a luxury yacht. It takes professionalism to first design a yacht on paper and then create a concept and bring it to life. For this reason, very famous yacht manufacturers are mentioned in the construction of this type of yacht.

World Famous Luxury Yacht Builders

There are many important and private companies that can come to mind when luxury yacht manufacturers are mentioned. The companies and manufacturers that should be known as luxury yacht manufacturers are as follows:

Amels, Netherlands

Amels owns the largest and most luxurious superyacht yard in the Netherlands, located in Vlissingen. It is also one of the most famous yacht builders in the world. To date, he has designed 60 superyachts ranging in length from 55 meters to 83 meters. The vast majority of the yachts they have produced are ultra-luxury yachts in the Limited Edition category.

Blohm+Voss, Germany

Blohm+Voss is a company that builds technically demanding private motor yachts. Its shipyard is located in Hamburg and has a size of exactly 421,000 square meters. In this huge shipyard, luxury superyachts are built, maintained and repaired. The company's portfolio includes both the second and third largest private yachts in the world.

Christensen Shipyards, United States

With great popularity among yacht builders, Christensen is a company that is particularly adept at building yachts over 50 metres. The manufacturer company has 35 super yachts along with many private yachts.

Feadship, Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands as a yacht manufacturer, Feadship has been in service since the 19th century. He has been building custom super luxury yachts since day one. We have to say that it is an important luxury yacht manufacturer with a worldwide reputation, producing yachts up to 160 meters. With a length of 83.5, Savannah is just one of her most famous luxury yachts.

Of course, there are different companies in the list of the best yacht manufacturers in the world. We wanted to talk about the most famous companies in the world that must be discovered. For more information about yachts and yacht manufacturers, you can visit