Submarine Ships of the Turkish Naval Forces

Submarine Ships of the Turkish Naval Forces

Submarine ships are the most important sea vehicles of countries that are used effectively in wars. In our country, there are very impressive and excellent submarines belonging to the Turkish Naval Forces. These are used in a possible war situation or for different purposes. You can now display these fully equipped submarine ships in your home. Thanks to submarine models, you can easily use submarine ships, which have an important place in our history, in your decoration.

Turkish Submarine Classes

Submarine ships in our country are divided into some classes. There are 3 Turkish submarine classes or types. These are Ay, Gur and Preveza. There are 4 very important submarines in each class. We want to inform you about what they are. Namely;

Submarines in the Gür class;

• TCG GÜR (S-357)



• TCG I. İNÖNÜ (S-360)

Submarines in the Moon class;





Submarines in the Preveza class;




• TCG 18 MART (S-355)

The Turkish submarine classes in our country and the ships in these classes are as follows. It has a very important place for the navy. In addition to submarines, there are many other important sea vehicles.

Famous Submarine Ship Model

If you want to create a spiritual and beautiful effect in your decoration, you can easily achieve this with famous submarine models. You can reserve a beautiful corner in your home or office for the Piri Reis submarine model and create a very pleasant image. You can also gift these models with high spiritual value to your loved ones and make them happy. Preveze Gür submarine model is also an extremely original and very nice product designed in this field. These submarine models are the same as the originals. Every detail has been considered and these details have been added to the models. Submarine models were prepared as small-scale exact replicas of the original ships. Submarine ships are of interest to you and if you like them, you can buy these models. Thus, you can both make your decoration look different and have a beautiful ship model collection.