Shipwrecks Found in Turkey

Shipwrecks Found in Turkey

Shipwrecks are unfortunately the only remnants of ships that were submerged in deep waters during accidents and wars. Over time, the ships begin to rot and only their skeletons remain. Many historical ships were buried deep in the waters in this way and were only found years later. Many more unexplored shipwrecks are located in the seas and oceans.

We can say that there are too many shipwrecks in our country. There are many shipwrecks left from the wars, especially in the Dardanelles and Izmir region, where naval battles are intense. We would like to give information about the Çanakkale shipwreck and the shipwrecks in our country in general.

Canakkale Ship Wreck

There are quite famous ships that can be counted in the category of Çanakkale shipwrecks. During the studies carried out in the region, the wrecks of many warships were found. Remaining from important naval battles in the region in the past, these ships are also very important in terms of history. The most important shipwrecks found;

• Mesudiye warship

• Saphir submarine

• Irresistible warship

• Majestic warship

• E-15 submarine

• Jouble submarine

Warship wrecks are much more common because, in general, ships are sunk the most during wars. Rarely, we can say that ships are sunk as a result of accidents or different circumstances. When Izmir shipwreck is mentioned, ships such as Beirut, Kınalıada, Hacı Davud, Okino 285 come to mind first. In addition, in the latest researches, 5 more shipwrecks were found in Izmir Bay.

Famous Ship Models

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