How Do Sperm Whales Sleep?

How Do Sperm Whales Sleep?

How Do Sperm Whales Sleep?

How sperm whales sleep is one of the most curious subjects of people who are curious about the life and characteristics of whales. The sleep issue of sperm whales is particularly interesting because the most important feature of these whales is that they stand in an upright position while lying down. These whales, which are in a horizontal position while moving, come to a vertical position when they sleep. Researchers doing research on this subject have found much more interesting information.

Characteristics of Sperm Whales

The sperm whale is one of the most important creatures of the sea, with many features. It is a matter of curiosity with its physical characteristics and lifestyle. The most important features of this special creature are as follows;

  • Males have a length of 15-20 m and a weight of 45-70 tons in sperm whales, while females have a length of 9-13 m and a weight of 15-20 tons.
  • The head of these whales is larger than usual. This size is one third of the body size.
  • Sperm whales also have the largest brain of any living mammal.
  • The shape of these whales is somewhat rectangular. We can say that they also draw attention with these images.

Although sperm whales move horizontally under water, they take a vertical position when they need to sleep, unlike other creatures.

How Do Whales Sleep?

Sleeping whales has been the subject of many important studies. In the study of sperm whales, which are in the category of whales, very important results were obtained regarding the sleeping patterns of these creatures. Luke Rendell has done an important study on this subject in 2008. Working as a Whale and Dolphin Behavioral Scientist, Rendell has taken important records of the sleeping moment of a Sperm Whale flock.

In his statement, he stated that the image he saw was both very interesting and frightening. He stated that the whales, which are completely motionless, are lined up with their noses on the water surface and their tails on the bottom, and this image resembles a horror movie.

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