Fire-O: Fire Safety Technology on Ships

Fire-O: Fire Safety Technology on Ships

Fire-O is a new and effective technology used to provide fire safety on board. Fire on boats is a negative situation that can result in a major disaster. Fire technologies should be used to ensure fire safety in boats and to prevent damage to a boat and its crew. Fire-O is an extremely important and effective fire safety system used for exactly this purpose.

What is Fire-O?

The system, referred to as Fire-O, provides molecular encapsulation of the substances in the application area. This prevents the substance from contacting oxygen and provides very serious thermal insulation. Thanks to Fire-O, the heat that will initiate the combustion reaction is not reached in the environment. This creates a very serious fire prevention system. Substances referred to as Fire-O are produced in liquid, powder, or gel forms. It can be used in many areas, especially on boats. We can say that it provides very effective fire safety in every area where it is used.

Features of Fire-O Fire Safety

Fire-O fire safety systems have many important features. It creates many important effects in the areas where it is used, and this is due to the characteristics of the products. The most important features are as follows;

  • It is made from a completely natural material. Thanks to this feature, it can be completely dissolved in nature.
  • There is no harm to health.
  • At the same time, there is no harm to the environment.
  • Not only does it reduce the fire effect, but also the negative effects of fire smoke.
  • It is applied in the areas where the fire is desired to be prevented, in which areas there is a possibility of fire progression, and in the appropriate areas accordingly.

How is Fire Safety Provided on Boats?

Many measures can be taken in general to ensure fire safety on board. The important thing is to prevent the spread of fire in boats. Every boat may have a fire hazard due to various accidents. It is not possible to completely prevent them. The important thing is to provide fire safety on ships and boats thanks to systems such as Fire-O. When used on boats, it is used to prevent fire or to prevent the spread of fire hazards. Fire safety on the boat is possible thanks to Fire-O. If you do not want such problems to occur on your boats, you can also benefit from such technologies. For more information about boats, you can follow

Patented Solution from Innotra in Turkey: Fire-O

Intra obtained a patent by succeeding in the production of a chemical that renders all kinds of items (Carpet, Curtain, Furniture, Wood, Wallpaper) non-flammable even under 1800C temperature. Intra's solution, which eliminates the risk of fire and spread, and extends the escape time of the victims from a possible fire from 3-4 minutes to hours, was produced entirely with Turkish know-how and capital.

You can review the documents, fire tests, and results related to this chemical at