Coronavirus also negatively affected life above water

Coronavirus also negatively affected life above water

It was stated that the Coronavirus, which affected the world and started to spread even more severely with the start of winter, also affected the maritime industry quite negatively. Eren Budaklı, representative of the Nautica Goods, which has an important place in both lives above water and the maritime sector, evaluated the effects of the Coronavirus on life above water and trade and tourism in the seas.

Stating that the maritime sector was caught unprepared for the virus in regions where maritime trade was developed, Eren Budaklı said, “The virus that first appeared in China negatively affected all countries engaged in maritime trade with this country and caused the suspension of commercial activities. This has only been the commercial aspect of the business and At first, only commercial and tourism relations with China were in danger, but the situation worsened due to the spread of the virus, especially in the European continent. Stricter measures and restrictions have come. This has negatively affected the maritime sector as well as every other sector, and almost all activities have come to a halt,” he said.

“In the first place, nobody predicted that the situation would be so serious.”

Nautica Goods Blog official Eren Budaklı stated that it was not foreseen that this virus, which was seen in China for the first time, would spread so quickly and affect the whole world, so no one could notice the gravity of the situation in the first place. Although some precautions were taken in maritime activities with the first case in our country, unfortunately, these were not enough. This business was not seen very seriously at first and great measures were not taken at the beginning of the work. “It continued its maritime activities when it came out, and as a result, it has moved to an uncontrollable dimension. In short, Coronavirus has seriously affected not only the land but also the general and commercial life on it.”

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