2022 Sinop Cruise Ship Program

2022 Sinop Cruise Ship Program

Nautica Goods, he shares the ships that will visit the famous ports of our country and the dates of their visits with sea lovers! You can find out the list of cruise ships that will visit Sinop Port during 2022 with Nautica Goods!

Sinop Port is the safest shelter for cargo ships that have difficulty navigating due to the giant waves of the Black Sea in bad weather conditions.

Sinop natural harbor, which has been the escape point for cargo ships from storms in case of bad weather conditions throughout history, hosts an average of 500 ships per year.

Ships that docked in the natural port of Sinop due to the storm can wait 168 hours on leave at this port, and their urgent needs are met in case of demand.

2022 Sinop Port Cruise Ships Visit List;

Liman Tarih Gemi Şirket Varış Kalkış
Sinop 14.05 .22 Star Pride Windstar Cruises 13:00 20:00
Sinop 7.06. 2022 Spirit of Adventure Saga Cruises 08:00 17:00
Sinop 30 .09. 2022 Star Legend Windstar Cruises 13:00 20:00

Sinop Port 2022 visitor ships list has been compiled and prepared according to the programs on different web pages. Ship visit dates are uncertain. Our website does not accept any responsibility if the visit dates change.