2022 Fethiye Cruise Ship Program

2022 Fethiye Cruise Ship Program

Nautica Goods is sharing the ships that will visit the famous ports of education and the dates of their visits with sea lovers! Visiting the ships of the cruise ships that will visit Fethiye Marina in 2022 with Nautica Goods!

The district of Muğla, which brings green and green together, hosts many local tourists to Fethiye during the summer. Fethiye, which has many valleys, is among the distinctive routes of Turkey with its faulty beaches and regions with different nature sports.

 There is not enough space for large ships from students in the cruise port of Fethiye. Those who want to raise these schools sometimes do not have to have to be on lifeboats.

2022 Fethiye Marina Cruise Ships Visit List;

Fethiye22.06.2022Seabourn EncoreSeabourn Cruises08:0018:00
Fethiye17.08.2022Seabourn EncoreSeabourn Cruises08:0018:00

Fethiye Marina 2022 visitor ships list has been compiled and prepared according to the programs on different web pages. Ship visit dates are uncertain. Our website does not accept any responsibility if the visit dates change.