13.12.2021 12:12:00

What is a Sailor's Calendar?

The sailor's calendar is a calendar that shows the current month, before and after. In this way, people have the opportunity to see both the previous month, the month they are in, and the next month.

12.12.2021 12:10:00

What is the First Calendar Used by Turks?

The first calendar used by the Turks is the Turkish calendar with 12 animals. This calendar, which is based on the solar year, is calculated as 365 days and 5 hours.

11.12.2021 12:08:00

What is Calendar? What are the types?

What is the calendar, what are its types, has always been a matter of curiosity. Since the existence of humanity, a calendar has been needed to measure time and ensure forward-looking social and commercial order.

4.12.2021 12:04:00

Make Your Loved Ones Happy with Design Keychain Models!

Thanks to the design key chain models, you can give a special gift that your loved ones can have with them at any time. Although the keychain may seem like a small gift, it is a meaningful product, especially among couples.

3.12.2021 11:57:00

What is Silicon Flashlight? What Does the Silicon Flashlight Do?

The masthead light is one of the navigation lights used by boats and ships to warn other marine vehicles while navigating at night.

2.12.2021 11:55:00

Complete Your Decoration with Table Top Vase Models

Tabletop vase models are among the most used items in decoration. These vases are complementary parts of decoration with their images and uses.

1.12.2021 11:47:00

Complete Your Decoration with Animal Figurines Models

Animal figurines are products that are highly preferred in home decorations and make the decoration look more beautiful.

30.11.2021 11:43:00

How Are Beautiful Landscape Paintings Used in Living Room Decorations?

By using beautiful landscape paintings in your living room decoration, you can get a unique look in your wall decorations.

29.11.2021 11:39:00

The Development of Clocks from Past to Present

From past to present, clocks have naturally undergone a process of change and development. The first developed clock and the clocks used today are quite different from each other.

28.11.2021 11:35:00

Living Room Decoration with Marine Themed TV Unit Trinkets

TV unit trinkets are used to make the TV units, one of the most beautiful corners of the house, look better. Thanks to the products placed in these areas, a much more stylish and visually more effective appearance are provided in the living areas.

27.11.2021 11:32:00

Give Your Kitchen a Stylish Look with Nautical Themed Kitchen Decoration Products

Kitchen decoration products are decorative products that have been highly preferred in recent years.

26.11.2021 11:28:00

Reflect Your Style with Bag Ornament Keychain Models

With the key chain models that you can choose as bag ornaments, you can carry your favorite items in your bag and show how stylish you are.

25.11.2021 15:34:00

Everything You Need To Know About Transatlantic Cruises!

A transatlantic cruise is one of the most popular options that people have preferred for vacation in recent years.

24.11.2021 15:24:27

What are Medieval Sailboat and Rowing Warship Models?

Expressed as medieval sailing and rowing warships, they are galley-type warships seen in many eras.

17.11.2021 16:05:00

What are the Ship Directions?

Ship directions and positions are not as we use them in our normal life. Different names are used for these positions and directions. Normally, the front or back of the ship is expressed in this way for us, while these expressions are used differently in shipping.